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Native American contemporary jewelry inspired by the greate Diné Nation.

Tsáʼásziʼ (Yucca) in bloom on Navajo Reservation


Marco Arviso is a member of the Navajo (Dine’) Nation. Originally from Black Rock, AZ, Marco is Naashgali’ Dine’ (Mescalero Apache Clan) and born for the Hona’gha’ahii (One Who Walks Around Clan). 

Marco draws from his past experience in painting and sculpting to the world of jewelry design. Marco has found that his artistic past has been an attribute in conceptualizing wearable art. His eye for color combination and use of space coupled with his Native American upbringing is apparent in his work.

The designs that are created by Marco Arviso are created with all natural gem-quality stones, genuine leathers, vibrant feathers and sterling silver. His jewelry is inspired by the natural surroundings that make up the great Navajo Nation, combined with a style that is unique and contemporary with a southwestern undertone.

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